This blog is devoted to the application of optical fibers in photography. I have several homemade (DIY) flash adapters channeling the light from the flash close to the lens. The technique can be used mainly for macro photography, but I will show examples for wide angle close focus techniques as well. The recent version is called fiberstrobe V3, hence the name of the blog is "fiberstrobe".

Saturday, January 4, 2014

New ring flash adapter for sony nex

I've just finished a new project. It doesn't include any fibers, but it's still a cool hack to share it on my blog. It's another type of ring flash adapter designed specifically for the sel30f35 macro lens (and cost almost nothing but time):

The results are stunning so far. However, I still think that the twin flash adapter is more creative and versatile solution. The ringflash gives you the same effect all the time, which can be boring after a while:

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