This blog is devoted to the application of optical fibers in photography. I have several homemade (DIY) flash adapters channeling the light from the flash close to the lens. The technique can be used mainly for macro photography, but I will show examples for wide angle close focus techniques as well. The recent version is called fiberstrobe V3, hence the name of the blog is "fiberstrobe".

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring Snowflakes

Last weekend we had a fantastic weather, so I jumped on my bike to spend few hours in the nature. The forest was fantastic, as its ground was covered by the white flowers of thousands of spring snowflakes.

To make my rig light I just took a nex-5 with the 16mm lens, the fisheye adapter and the 30mm macro lens.
I also planned to take some specially lit photos, so my versatile twin flash adapter was also with me. Lots of stuff at the end but my camera bag was still not that heavy. Practically this flower was the only worthy subject, so I tried different techniques from panorama, extreme wide angle to macro.

The small camera allowed me to get strange angles using the sky as background. The tilting LCD with focus peeking also help to get the focus correct. Try the same with a DSLR, it won't work. The very short close focus distance of the SEL30F35 was also very helpful.
I used small flags on both arms of the twin flash adapter to prevent light spill to the lens. If you check the photos in larger format you can see some play with the light. You can find the whole series on my flick page (better resolution):



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