This blog is devoted to the application of optical fibers in photography. I have several homemade (DIY) flash adapters channeling the light from the flash close to the lens. The technique can be used mainly for macro photography, but I will show examples for wide angle close focus techniques as well. The recent version is called fiberstrobe V3, hence the name of the blog is "fiberstrobe".

Friday, September 20, 2013

Picture of the week 3. (Mediterranean feather star)

Mediterranean feather star (Antedon mediterranea)

I had really high hopes with taking the rim light set-up underwater. I was recently on holiday in Croatia, on the island Krk. It was a typical family holiday but with my wife we had chance to do some dives (Thanks mom to take care of the kids while we were underwater).
I hade the frame for the rim light adapter, but I had to solve the problem of attaching it to the underwater strobe. Obviously cardboard doesn't work underwater. Finally I created a nifty solution worked like charm on land, but I made a big mistake. My bad, I disregarded physics. I used a foamy material to fix the adapter to the strobe (push and tight). Under 5 meters the  pressure squeezed this foamy material not to be tight enough anymore.  Nevertheless I took some photos simply holding the adapter to the strobe by my hand. Not really convenient way underwater. The position of the fiber optic strands were not really perfect in this photo but the effect is still cool. A bit like a snooted light, but it's coming from the sides and there is no disturbing shadow behind the feather star. This photo generated lot's of hits on my flickr page. First I thought it was "explored" but I didn't find among the daily explores. It turned out, that it was selected to a yahoo editorial post "Awesome Underwater Scenes". I think it's worth to further develop the rim-lighting concept for UW photography.



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